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[J-Drama] Kinkyori Renai - season zero (update apr-2017)

Title (romaji): 近キョリ恋愛 (kinkyori renai) English title: Close Range Love, Short Distance Love

Genre: Romance
Broadcast Network: NTV
Airing date: 2014-Jul-19
Airtime: Saturday 24:50

Casts: Abe Aranas Sakurai HarukaIshibashi Anna as Takizawa MireiAdachi Rika as RirikoKishi Yuta as Kanata"Drama version of the live action movie Kinkyori Renai based off the manga Kinkyori Renai by Mikimoto Lin."
Synopsis: In high school, Sakurai Haruka (Abe Aran), Mirei (Ishibashi Anna) and Kanata (Kishi Yuta) are good friends whom everyone envies. The three of them believed their relationship would remain like this forever. Then Haruka’s stepsister Ririko suddenly returns from overseas. After several years away, she has become beautiful to the extent that classmates call her “goddess”. Although Haruka has often built walls around other people, Ririko deliberately gets close to him. One night, she barges in all of a sudden and starts to cry against his chest. “I have no where to go. You’ll let me stay her…

[Trans] Nakayama Yuma 10,000 words interview

I put some highlights about yuma's 10,000 words interview

(A mama's boy) I was a crybaby. A huge one. Even if it was for a little while, I didn’t want to be away from my mother. I would become uneasy.
(Felt awkward with Tokyo Jrs) I got to know (Nakajima) Kento and (Kikuchi) Fuma through introduction. Around that time, Fuma was a quiet kid and Kento was someone who had a tendency to get carried away. But, just as I thought, we were distant. I was regarded with a “Who are you?” kind of feeling by the Tokyo Jrs at first.

(His mom) My mother was a person who respected what I wanted to do; she was cheerful and kind.  And because she knew my personality too, instead of a serious talk, she spoke to me lightheartedly. Even when I was going back and forth Tokyo every weekend, I must have gone out with a smile. It's a little melancholic.  Really lightheartedly, she sent me off with the line: "Earn some money and come back!"(laughs) Like that, I became at ease. If she had told …

Lyric One Ok Rock - Mighty Long Fall with translation

When we met the pain stood still It was us Then suddenly it’s where’d you go? The system blew I knew This side of me I want a little more But inside it seems I’m just a little boy Nothing else
Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall When you thought love the top Oh no it’s a wake up call When your life went into shock It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall When you know time is up
Uso o hitotsu ai o futatsu (one lie, two affections) Sore de nantoka yari sukoshite kita deshou (because of that I have somehow let it pass) Demo sore ja mou boku o damasenai deshou (But that won’t fool me anymore) Jaa dou suru?! dou shiyou?! (Then what do I do?! What should I do?!)
Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall When you thought love is the top, Oh no it’s a wake up call When your life went into shock
Egakitagari na mirai ni asu wa nai (If the future you imagine there is no tomorrow) Isso douse itamunara (If  you’re in pain, all the more) Itame tsuzukeyou tsuzukeyou (It seems like you continue hurting…