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Chinen Yuri's JUMPaper [05-11-14]

He always sweet to his ryosuke, and you're adorable too, chii :D

full credit: Hey! Say! Jump FP

Q&A with Dan Brown ^o^

Did you know who's Dan Brown??? He's my most fave Author in the world, I read all his books and i love all them too XD I've never been so in loved like THIS to an author, got it !! XD
Yesterday Dan Brown had Q&A session in his own FP on facebook, that session started at 1:30 PM EST and Dan have to answered the questions as many as he can in an hour. But unfortunately I didn't manage to partcipated TT^TT. 
I found these was so interesting and fun to read so i make this recaps just for you ^o^

-----The questions here came from Dan Brown FP likers on Facebook but not all questions i put here :D----
Q: Mr. Brown, thank you for a great stories! What is your source of energy?
A:Caffeine. Q: Are you also claustrophobic like langdon? A: Yes, I am. Q: would like to know, when you write, where you prefer to be, in a bedroom? Ocean view? Forest??? Another country? Around people??? Where Mr. Brown?? A: Every book I've written has been in a different space, never in the same building…