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Today's Yuri! But I need my 14 y.o Yuri back XD

He really looks like a Vampire on this pict neXD.

But how do you think about Yuri lately?
Lately, He looks freaking handsome and mature with thick eyebrows which seems rare we found out among Japanese male idol. But now, i really miss my 14 y.o Yuri, i miss his cuteness and his spoiledness likes old days ^o^.
Am I look like failed neechan who can't accepted reality that my lil bro grow up, everyday he's grew up!!! *ohmycruelreality**lol*

Yuri-kun pleasee stop growing up, this one is from your neechan da yo!! XD

(ScreenCaps) Sato Shori

I made some screencaps from drama 49 ep 3. I really enjoyed this drama and make me fall for shori even more ^o^

and for next ep there will be crossdress *yey* some johnny's jr plus shori will be transfrom become SNSD XD

Sorry for short update TwT
matta ne :)

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso Link download

English title:Welcome to Fortune-Telling Onmyo Shop

First aired: Oktober 8, 2013 Runtime: Tuesday 22:00 JST Station: Fuji TV / KTV Scriptwriter: Kuroiwa Tsutomu  Original writing (novel): Amano Syoko
Nishikido Ryo as Abe no Shomei
Kurashina Kana as Tadano Michiko
Chinen Yuri as Sawazaki Shunta
Kashiwagi Yuki as Ayukawa Tamaki
Suruga Taro as Makihara Hideyuki
Miyakawa Ichirota as Takasawa Norio
Hamada Mari as Kanai Emiko
Fuse Eri as Komagata Chiduru
Mie Haru as Sawazaki Goro
Minamino Yoko as Sawazaki Midori
Sugi Ryotaro as Naito Kenjiro
Nihiyama Jun as Takasaka Fumihiro
Yamagata Takumi as Okajima Takuto

Abe no Shomei (Nishikido Ryo) is a fake fortune teller who has no psychic powers but displays the sign ‘Yorozu Uranaidokoro’ at Oji in Tokyo’s Kita district. Despite his good looks, he has a barbed tongue, finds most things bothersome and is aloof. He will not do work that is not lucrative. Although he serves customers looking like an imposing medium, he is evidently shady. But he …

Sato Shori's drama "49"

First aired: Oktober 5, 2013 Runtime: Saturdays 24:50-25:20 JST Station: NTV Scriptwriter: Nojima Shinji  
Casts: Sato Shori as Dan Kagami
Jinguji Yuta as
Yasui Kentaro as
Yamamoto Maika as Kou
Nomura Masumi as Yuko (Dan's older sister)
Konno Mahiru as Aiko (Dan's mother)

Kyan Yutaka
Additional Casts: Teranishi Takuto  Morita Myuto Shimekake Ryuya Takahashi Fu Abe Aran Haniuda Amu 
Synopsis: Dan (Shori Sato) is a first year high school student. He isn't so good with his studies or sports. He spends most of his free time at home.

One day, his father's spirit enters Dan's body. His father originally died in an accident. It just so happen's his father is the type that excels at everything and now Dan possesses the same gift. He starts to play well in basketball and begins to date a popular girl at school. Dan also becomes popular among his classmates. His school life is just going amazingly well. Because of his change in personality, the other students are surprised by him,…

Yamada Ryosuke's used to ghosts XD

I’m used to ghosts. They’re always around in our house. I’m like, “Oh, they’re looking at us again.”

credit: inluvwithhsj

Inoo Kei: Please be my friend!!!

Takaki yuya: The other day, Inoo-kun just suddenly was like, “Please be my friend” to me. (laugh) I was like, “What the hell!” But then I discovered afterwards it was about this game where we could play together if we were “friends” … I was really freaked out at first. Yep, we’re friends now.
credit: inluvwithhsj

If Chinen Yuri get doraemon’s 4th dimension pocket

Yuri: If you wanted to make your dream come true, then there’s nothing better to get than a 4th dimension pocket. You can do absolutely anything! Well, if I had it, I’d take out the “Moshimo BOX”(What if box) and experience “What if I was a member of Arashi”. It’s a dream that you can’t buy with money.
credit: inluvwithhsj