[J-Drama] Kinkyori Renai - season zero (links download)

Title (romaji): 近キョリ恋愛 (kinkyori renai)
English title: Close Range Love, Short Distance Love
Genre: Romance
Broadcast Network: NTV
Airing date: 2014-Jul-19
Airtime: Saturday 24:50

  • Abe Aran as Sakurai Haruka
  • Ishibashi Anna as Takizawa Mirei
  • Adachi Rika as Ririko
  • Kishi Yuta as Kanata
"Drama version of the live action movie Kinkyori Renai based off the manga Kinkyori Renai by Mikimoto Lin."
Synopsis: In high school, Sakurai Haruka (Abe Aran), Mirei (Ishibashi Anna) and Kanata (Kishi Yuta) are good friends whom everyone envies. The three of them believed their relationship would remain like this forever. Then Haruka’s stepsister Ririko suddenly returns from overseas. After several years away, she has become beautiful to the extent that classmates call her “goddess”. Although Haruka has often built walls around other people, Ririko deliberately gets close to him. One night, she barges in all of a sudden and starts to cry against his chest. “I have no where to go. You’ll let me stay here, right?” Haruka is baffled by his pushy stepsister, Mirei secretly loves Haruka and Kanata has become aware of Mirei. The distance between Haruka, Mirei and Kanata who had taken it for granted that they would always be close, starts to change little by little. --jdrama--

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Streaming Links: episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6

[Trans] Nakayama Yuma 10,000 words interview

myojo 10000 word interview
[Myojo - 09.14]
I put some highlights about yuma's 10,000 words interview

(A mama's boy)
I was a crybaby. A huge one. Even if it was for a little while, I didn’t want to be away from my mother. I would become uneasy.

(Felt awkward with Tokyo Jrs)
I got to know (Nakajima) Kento and (Kikuchi) Fuma through introduction. Around that time, Fuma was a quiet kid and Kento was someone who had a tendency to get carried away. But, just as I thought, we were distant. I was regarded with a “Who are you?” kind of feeling by the Tokyo Jrs at first.

(His mom)
My mother was a person who respected what I wanted to do; she was cheerful and kind.  And because she knew my personality too, instead of a serious talk, she spoke to me lightheartedly. Even when I was going back and forth Tokyo every weekend, I must have gone out with a smile. It's a little melancholic.  Really lightheartedly, she sent me off with the line: "Earn some money and come back!"(laughs) Like that, I became at ease. If she had told me, "Do your best" with a serious face, I think I would have had a heavy heart. Really, I am grateful towards my parents

(His lil sister didn't want him to go to Tokyo)
The day before I moved, something that I would not forget happened. My sister who is 8 years younger than I am, was about 10 years old. "Because it is the last night, I want to sleep together with big brother." she said. Even until now, I don't know if she was sleep-talking or if she was awake, but she said to me over my shoulder, "Don't go to Tokyo." I couldn't answer her. At that moment... I cried

(Felt alone, no friends)
In all honesty, I entered with the mindset of wanting a place where I could make friends. I did not have any friends in the entertainment world; I just couldn't do it. Even in university, I couldn't really make any friends either. (laughs) I realized that. If I went with those intentions in mind, I thought, I wouldn't be able to do it.  A friend isn't something that you can "make", it happens naturally. That's why I thought of concentrating on my job for now and decisively quit

(Wanted to be closer to his fans through a live stage)
I told Johnny-san myself, “I want to appear in it” since I couldn’t do a concert. Even as NYC, I wanted to do a live, but it’s still something that has yet to be realized too. A pure stage; I want to make a stage together with the audience, I thought. And doing something that can only be done in a live, it was fun

(Being called an "elite")
In the past, when I would get told that, I wouldn’t feel very good. Especially during the time when I would thinking of wanting do activities together with the kids in Osaka. And I would always think, “I’m not an elite. Don’t give me special treatment.” I wanted to compete with everybody on the same level

(He really loved his home town, Osaka)
That’s why, in some respect, one thing that supported me was the fact that it was “for the sake of the kids in Osaka”. If I got a job, and if something good happened in Kansai, even if it’s just a little bit, maybe I can contribute too.

(Wanted to be the "elite" Nakayama yuma)
Right. The fact that I’m being called that and also the fact that I’m not yet using my true strength, is something I think about regularly. That’s why I’m going to improve on my singing, dancing and acting. When that time comes, then I can do my job with all I have. I still have ways to go. It would be bad if I feel satisfied. I'm in the middle of chasing after the silhouette that is the Nakayama Yuma who can be called an elite, in hopes of someday surpassing it.

(c) n-a-t-a-l-i-e-s via lj

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Lyric One Ok Rock - Mighty Long Fall with translation

When we met the pain stood still
It was us
Then suddenly it’s where’d you go?
The system blew I knew
This side of me
I want a little more
But inside it seems I’m just a little boy
Nothing else

Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall
When you thought love the top
Oh no it’s a wake up call
When your life went into shock
It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down
Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall
When you know time is up

Uso o hitotsu ai o futatsu
(one lie, two affections)
Sore de nantoka yari sukoshite kita deshou
(because of that I have somehow let it pass)
Demo sore ja mou boku o damasenai deshou
(But that won’t fool me anymore)
Jaa dou suru?! dou shiyou?!
(Then what do I do?! What should I do?!)

Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall
When you thought love is the top,
Oh no it’s a wake up call
When your life went into shock

Egakitagari na mirai ni asu wa nai
(If the future you imagine there is no tomorrow)
Isso douse itamunara
(If  you’re in pain, all the more)
Itame tsuzukeyou tsuzukeyou
(It seems like you continue hurting, seems like you continue)

Get up Get up Get up Get up
Time to make amends for what you did
Get up Get up Get up Get up
Running with the demons in your head
Let’s shout it out completely
You never really wanna know
Let’s shout it out we’re screaming oh oh

Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall
When you thought love the top
Oh no it’s a wake up call
When your life went into shock
It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down
Don’t go it’s a mighty long fall
When you know time is up

(Don’t go Don’t go Don’t go Don’t go)
 (c) haudini via tumblr


HSJ messages for their 3rd album 'S3ART'

Every members praised ryosuke song "candle", i've already listened that song, it's was ballad song and the lyric is so heartbreaking  T___T 

Inoo Kei's JUMPaper [6.16.2014]

Only 2 days to go until s3art album realesed :D
i can't wait ^__^
and i know the song that kei talked about, that song called "Oh Idol".


[Translation] Hey Say Jump's 10,000 Character Long Interview

1. Arioka Daiki [Myojo - 2013.12]
arioka daiki 10000 long interview
[Translation here by inluvwithhsj]

2. Yabu Kota [Myojo - 2014.01]
 yabu kota 10000 long interview
[Translation here by inluvwithhsj]

3. Chinen Yuri [Myojo - 2014.02]
 chinen yuri 10000 long interview
[Translation here by inluvwithhsj]

4. Inoo Kei [Myojo - 2014.03]
 inoo kei 10000 long interview
[Translation part 1; part 2 by hahaho7]

5. Nakajima Yuto [Myojo - 2014.04]
 nakajima yuto 10000 long interview
[Translation part 1; part 2 by hahaho7]

6. Takaki Yuya [Myojo - 2014.05]
 takaki yuya 10000 long interview
[Translation here by snow-xpress]

7. Okamoto Keito [Myojo - 2014.06]
 okamoto keito 10000 long interview
[Translation part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4 by jluomvpe]

8. Yaotome Hikaru [Myojo - 2014.07]
 yaotome hikaru 10000 long interview
[Translation here by skysj4]

9. Yamada Ryosuke [Myojo - 2014.08]
[Translation here by kodochalover]

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[Streaming links] Otona no KISS Eigo

Yamashita Tomohisa has begun a new show on Fuji TV called "Otona no Kiss Eigo" in which he attempts to pracitce/learn English. Yamapi's a host in this show. 
This program aims to help people in learning english through a variety of absurd projects. In the first episode Yamashita will have to face a foreign beauty in a one-room apartment. He is given the task to make her kiss him through conversations or games. Of course he will need to make full use of English.

Episode 1: April 20, 2014
Challenge: Kiss the Girl 
Stream on Dailymotion (c: ˢᵛᵅ ᵄⁿˢᵏ)

Episode 2: April 27, 2014
Challenge: Teach those people who wearing english T-shirts what the phrases really mean.
Stream on Dailymotion (c: ˢᵛᵅ ᵄⁿˢᵏ)

Episode 3: May 4, 2014
Challenge: Kiss the Girl
Guest: Shimizu Ryotarou
Stream on Dailymotion (c: ˢᵛᵅ ᵄⁿˢᵏ) 

Episode 4: May 11, 2014
Challenge: Cups Song
Stream on Dailymotion (c:ˢᵛᵅ ᵄⁿˢᵏ)

Episode 5: May 18, 2014
Challenge: Cups Song 2
Stream on Dailymotion (c: rollingbean)

Episode 6: May 25, 2014
Challenge: Hangman Game
Stream on Dailymotion (c: rollingbean)

Episode 7: June 1, 2014
Challenge: Kiss the Girl
Guest: Yosuke Imai
Stream on Dailymotion (c: ˢᵛᵅ ᵄⁿˢᵏ)

Episode 8: June 8, 2014
Challenge: Siri
Stream on Dailymotion (c: B級Image動画)

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