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Happy New Year!!!!

Let'sMakeFirework!!!Sayonara 2013. and WELCOME 2014. ^___^

[Link download] Jhonny's jr 's Drama "SHARK"

Title: SHARK Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-11 Air time: Saturday 24:50 Broadcast network: NTV Screenwriter: Kuwamura Sayaka Producer: Fukushi Atsushi  Director: Kubota Takashi, Nishimura Ryo
Cast: Hirano Sho (johhny's jr) as Kurata Mizuki Yamashita Ryo as Komatsu Ichika
Hamada Takahiro (johhny's jr) as Hagihara Kai
Matsumura Hokuto (johhny's jr) as Ryuzaki Ayumu
Fujii Ryusei (johhny's jr) as Kitagawa Kazuki
Iwamoto Hikaru (johhny's jr) as Satomi Kenzo
Kamiyama Tomohiro (johhny's jr) as Adachi Teppei Mano Erina Ujiki Tsuyoshi Okada Kohki
Synopsis: The five-member band SHARK wants to change the world with their music, and dreams of making their major debut. They struggle but take small steps forward on what is certainly not an easy path. Their sights are set even if it might feel hopeless sometimes, but because of their fellow members they will not give up. SHARK is on the verge of debuting, however, tragedy fall upon them when the vocalist dies in an accident.  

いただきます - The taste not as plain as the look

Yatta... I made those dishes by my self.

I'm not an expert in cooking. I just love messing up in kitchen in my spare time. For me it's one of way to release my stress out ^___^
I cooked those with very very limited ingredients, coz this week i hadn't  had a chance to buy groceries yet.
But I assure you those dishes are better then your imagined :D

So... do you wanna try???
Just Come to My House ^.^ I'll cook for you!!

Hey! Say! JUMP new single - "AinoArika" theme song for dark system

Good news  minna... Another JUMP single after "Ride With me"  (JUMP's 12th single) will be releasing on February 5th 2014. The single is titled “AinoArika / 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ(Aisureba Motto Happy Life)" and it will be used for main theme song of Hika-kun and Kei-chan's new drama "Dark System Koi no Oza Ketteisen" ^___^ And FYI... this single will have will have 4 versions including a double A-side.

1. LE Type 1

1. [CD] AinoArika2. [CD] 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ3. [DVD] AinoArika (Video Clip & Making)
2.  LE Type 2Tracklisting
1. [CD] 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ2. [CD] AinoArika3. [DVD] 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ (Video Clip & Making)
3. LE Type 3
1. AinoArika2. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ3. タイトル未定A4. タイトル未定B5. AinoArika (オリジナル・カラオケ)6. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ (オリジナル・カラオケ)7. タイトル未定A (オリジナル・カラオケ)8. タイトル未定B (オリジナル・カラオケ)
4. RE
1. AinoArika2. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ3. タイトル未定C) / Hey!Say!74. タイトル未定D) / Hey!Say!BEST5. AinoArika (オリジナル・カラオケ)6. 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ (オリジナル・カラオケ)7. タイトル未定C) / Hey!Say…

[Trans] Yamada Ryosuke - "how it feel being center position"

"I do have wishes. I wish that everyone is doing well. No matter how many years pass, no matter what the situation is, if there’s even one person around me smiling, isn’t that happiness? It may sound like pretty words, but I think that to make someone else smile, I have to keep on smiling first."
 - yamada ryosuke

"I want to walk forward with everyone [in JUMP] as equals, and even more because of that, there is no leader chosen in JUMP. Right now I’m able to work in the center position, but I want people to think that all the members are in the center position. Even when doing the stage play Johnny’s World, there might’ve been people who thought I am the main performer… But I didn’t think of it like that even once. I can stand in the center, because I’m supported by others. Even the juniors at the sides, (on the stage) we should all be the main performers. Without others, I couldn’t stand there either. I think everyone in the center position think like that.…

How JUMP's member calls each other names

Yabu Kota

Yabu kota to Takaki Yuya = "takaki"
Yabu kota to Inoo Kei = "inoo"
Yabu kota to Yaotome Hikaru"hikaru"
Yabu kota to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Yabu kota to Okamoto Keito = "okamoto/keito"
Yabu kota to Yamada Ryosuke = "yama"
Yabu kota to  Nakajima Yuto ="yuto"
Yabu kota to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Takaki Yuya
Takaki Yuya to Yabu Kota = "yabu-kun"
Takaki Yuya to Inoo Kei = "inoo-san" XD
Takaki Yuya to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru-kun"
Takaki Yuya to Arioka Daiki = "arioka-himesama"
Takaki Yuya to Okamoto Keito = "okamoto-san"
Takaki Yuya to Yamada Ryosuke = "yamada"
Takaki Yuya to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Takaki Yuya to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Inoo Kei
Inoo Kei to Yabu Kota = "yabu"
Inoo Kei to Takaki Yuya = "takaki"
Inoo Kei to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru"
Inoo Kei to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"…