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How JUMP's member calls each other names

Yabu Kota

Yabu kota to Takaki Yuya = "takaki"
Yabu kota to Inoo Kei = "inoo"
Yabu kota to Yaotome Hikaru "hikaru"
Yabu kota to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Yabu kota to Okamoto Keito = "okamoto/keito"
Yabu kota to Yamada Ryosuke = "yama"
Yabu kota to  Nakajima Yuto ="yuto"
Yabu kota to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Takaki Yuya
Takaki Yuya to Yabu Kota = "yabu-kun"
Takaki Yuya to Inoo Kei = "inoo-san" XD
Takaki Yuya to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru-kun"
Takaki Yuya to Arioka Daiki = "arioka-himesama"
Takaki Yuya to Okamoto Keito = "okamoto-san"
Takaki Yuya to Yamada Ryosuke = "yamada"
Takaki Yuya to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Takaki Yuya to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Inoo Kei
Inoo Kei to Yabu Kota = "yabu"
Inoo Kei to Takaki Yuya = "takaki"
Inoo Kei to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru"
Inoo Kei to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Inoo Kei to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Inoo Kei to Yamada Ryosuke = "yama-chan"
Inoo Kei to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Inoo Kei to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Yaotome Hikaru
Yaotome Hikaru to Yabu Kota = "yabu"
Yaotome Hikaru to Takaki Yuya = "takagi"
Yaotome Hikaru to Inoo Kei = "inoo-chan"
Yaotome Hikaru to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Yaotome Hikaru to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Yaotome Hikaru to Yamada Ryosuke = "yamada"
Yaotome Hikaru to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Yaotome Hikaru to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Arioka Daiki
Arioka Daiki to Yabu Kota = "yabu-chan"
Arioka Daiki to Takaki Yuya = "takaki"
Arioka Daiki to Inoo Kei = "inoo-chan"
Arioka Daiki to Yaotome Hikaru = "hika"
Arioka Daiki to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Arioka Daiki to Yamada Ryosuke = "yamada"
Arioka Daiki to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Arioka Daiki to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Okamoto Keito
Okamoto Keito to Yabu Kota = "yabu-chan"
Okamoto Keito to Takaki Yuya = "takaki-kun"
Okamoto Keito to Inoo Kei = "inoo-chan"
Okamoto Keito to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru-kun"
Okamoto Keito to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Okamoto Keito to Yamada Ryosuke = "yama-chan"
Okamoto Keito to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Okamoto Keito to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Yamada Ryosuke
Yamada Ryosuke to Yabu Kota = "yabu-chan"
Yamada Ryosuke to Takaki Yuya = "yuya"
Yamada Ryosuke to Inoo Kei = "inoo-chan"
Yamada Ryosuke to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru-kun"
Yamada Ryosuke to Arioka Daiki = "omae" XD
Yamada Ryosuke to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Yamada Ryosuke to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuti"
Yamada Ryosuke to Chinen Yuri = "chinen"

Nakajima Yuto
Nakajima Yuto to  Yabu Kota = "yabu-kun"
Nakajima Yuto to Takaki Yuya = "takaki-kun"
Nakajima Yuto to Inoo Kei = "inooti"
Nakajima Yuto to Yaotome Hikaru = "hikaru-kun"
Nakajima Yuto to Arioka Daiki = "dai-chan"
Nakajima Yuto to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Nakajima Yuto to Yamada Ryosuke = "yama-chan"
Nakajima Yuto to Chinen Yuri = "chinen-chan"

Chinen Yuri
Chinen Yuri to Yabu Kota = "kota"
Chinen Yuri to Takaki Yuya = "yuya"
Chinen Yuri to Inoo Kei = "kei-chan"
Chinen Yuri to Yaotome Hikaru = "hika"
Chinen Yuri to Arioka Daiki = "daiki"
Chinen Yuri to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Chinen Yuri to Yamada Ryosuke = "ryosuke"
Chinen Yuri to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuti"

(taken from Myojo 11 - 2013)

Me (Orin)^__^
Me to Yabu Kota = "kou-chan"
Me to Takaki Yuya = "yuyan"
Me to Inoo Kei = "kei-chan"
Me to Yaotome Hikaru = "hika-kun"
Me to Arioka Daiki = "daiki / dai-chan"
Me to Okamoto Keito = "keito"
Me to Yamada Ryosuke = "ryosuke"
Me to  Nakajima Yuto = "yuto"
Me to Chinen Yuri = "yuri"

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  1. Chiiiiiiiiiii,,,kenapa kamu panggil semua member JUMP pake nama kecill,,,kkkk

    hehehe,,salam kenal aku di-chan, Chii fansu masih newbie,,hehe

    aahhhh,,im flailing overwhelmed for him,,

    Aku mau comment semua post kamu tentang chii,,tapi aku lg di kantor,,hahaha

    Pokoknya Domou ArigaChii..kamu dah post banyak tentang chii...

  2. haii...di-chan salam kenal.
    sering2 main kesini aja ^___^

    haha sekarang chii emang gitu padahal dulu yuyan dipanggil nii-chan XD
    btw ava kamu lucu "sabonen" XD


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