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Yamachii quotes

Yamada: I thought “Chinen is a cute and quiet child.” Now you’re a man, but back then, you were more like a young girl (laughs).

Chinen: Maybe when Ryosuke’s no longer by my side, I might understand just how important of a man you are.

Yamada: Like I’m your lover (laughs).

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March is our birthday month

These some Jyanizu that i knew share same month birthday as me ^o^07 March 1995: Kikuchi Fuma (Sexy Zone)
08 March 1994: Kouchi Yugo (Johnny's jr) 13 March 1994: Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone) 17 March 1990: Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2) 23 March 1991: Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2) Senga's birthday exactly same as me. 26 March 1990: Takaki Yuya (Hey Say JUMP) 29 March 1982: Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubatsa)  30 March 1999: Vasayegh Hikaru (johnny's jr)

Behind Inoo Kei blonde hair

When i knew Kei dyed his hair into blonde, i have wondered what the heck he did it. First i thought it for "Dark system". But not, i wasn't find  a scene with him in blonde. So i thought again maybe it was becouse he wanted some changes on his appearance, but just couple weeks after that i found him again dyed his hair black likes his original color (-_-)". At that time i just could said "Kei...what a doubter you are!!".
But fortunately recently i knew what actually his reasons behind these. So for you who have wondered same as mewhy Inoo Kei dyed his jet-black hair into blonde. This what kei's blonde hair are for...^o^
Kei got new drama called Naruyouni Narusa Season 2 that will airing next month. Kei character here as Okumura Ryo. These is some description about him: Okumura Ryo is Otake Noburo(Yasuda Shota)'s junior. He has dropped out from university and being a jobless. He is dressed likes youngsters these days and has inappropriate attitude. E…

Nakayama yuma will release his 2nd single "High Five"

I'm back again minna-san after almost a month hiatus :D
Minna have you seen Johnny's-net recently? There is announcing Yuma's new single "High Five" yatta... i'm so happy for him. Actually after NYC disband i felt he was treated like a stepson, he get little attention, his section was removed from Johnny's-net and also he just got a little appearance in magazines. 
I don't know right know wheather he's in July's team or Iljima's team, just hoping he's in the right hands :) He's young,  good at singing, also good at dancing and acting, so i don't want they just wasted his talents.  (-_-"). Track listingLimited Edition 1 – Single (CD+DVD)CD "High Five""Ai made ga Knife""High Five (original karaoke)""Ai made ga Knife (original karaoke)"DVD "High Five PV""High Five PV Making"2 face 4 page Jacket
Limited Edition 2 – Single (CD+DVD)CD "High Five"…