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Inoo's Blonde hair, how do you think

(c) rorychan1215@tumblr Minna-san did you see it already?

Finally, Kei-chan was revealed his blonde hair in public....yattta i'm really happy about it, IT'S SO DAMN GOOD. ^____^
My first reaction was liked "my heart almost stopped beating!!!!!!!!!!! And then i sceamed in front of my lappy like crazy...*kyaaaa*, 
I never thought this style will suit him. This one even away better than Tego-chan's. XP *sorry Tego, i just tell the truth*
And i even think he looks like "Rui" in Hanadan *___*

Director-san look our Prince Kei-chan, he deserve more roles in drama or movie!!!!

Btw i wonder why he dyed his hair? Has dark system already finished shooting?

Bonus pic
Yuri's reaction after saw kei-chan's blonde hair
                        (c) see watermark!

Hey Say 7 Crosstalk: we’ve become adults already

Since we’ve become adults already, the 4 of us should go eat out and drink sake
Yuto: I sent Chinen a mail at his very birthday
Yamada: I DID TOO!
Keito: ME TOO! But somehow, because of errors, I was able to send 5 (laughs)
Chinen: I was able to receive about 2 (laughs)
Yamada: I sent two as well (laughs) Mine was a simple, “Congratulations! Let’s go out to drink, okay?”
Chinen: Yeap, thanks! Yuti’s was a long one! Also, He ended it with a gag!
Yamada and Kei: What what?
Yuto: Don’t say itttt!
Chinen: Yutiiii! Say it!!
Yuto: I’ll be doing it alone? (laughs) I said, “yoi ichinen, iya, yoi chinen ni narimasu you ni!”
Everyone: ahahahaha!
Yamada: But as for us, we seem to have turned into adults, didn’t we? I think so looking at our pictures
Keito: I agree! Looking at the pictures of the 4 of us, everyone’s facial expressions seemed like that of an adult’s!
Yuto: Keito somehow seems like a university student from before
Yamada: the hairstyle, right? (laughs)
Yuto: The feeling of not being boys but me…

Chinen Yuri Fun Facts

Chinen Yuri is the youngest member of Hey Say JUMP.

Born in Shizuoka November 30, 1993.

His parents called him Yuuri because they want a name sound both like a girl and a boy.

Yuri has an older sister who 2 years older than him.

Yuri's mom and his older sister are Sakurai Sho's fans and he was influeced by them.

Yuri was in same audition as Daiki (June 2, 2003).

Yuri started dance when he was 3 years old.

Yuri started gym & acrobatics at such a young age but he started to get bored of gym & acrobatics, and didn’t want to practice when he was in years 1.

He really LOVE sleeping but can’t sleep without the room completely dark with the lights out and get really excited when he's getting to sleep ~LOL

JUMP members never went to his home.

Yuri moved to tokyo when he was started middle school becouse of his father job.

Back then Yuri even called Ryosuke "Kaba-chan" but Ryosuke was like “Hey, I’m gonna get angry at you” but he'd still call him “Kaba-chan".


Hirano Sho's Profile

Name: Hirano Sho(平野紫耀) Nickname: Sho Birthday: January 29, 1997 (age 16)Birthplace:Aichi Prefecture, JapanBlood Type: O Height: 170cm Weight: 62kg Hobbies: Dance, Acrobatics Strengths: Always Smiles Weakness: Easily Irritated by little things Type of Girl: High Tension Favorite Word: Ichi-go ichi-e(one time, one meeting) Favorite color: Purple Pets: 2 Cats(Nene and Hana) Joined Johnny's Entertainment: February 2012 Admired Senpai:Tomohisa Yamashita - See more at: Name: Hirano Sho Nickname: Sho Birthday: January 29, 1997 Age: 17 (in a couple of weeks) Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture, Japan Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture, Japan  Actually i never noticed this boy was exist in Johnny's after i read some news about his upcoming drama SHARK. And now i thought he have stolen my heart Blood type: O
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 62 kg Favorite word: Ichi-go ichi-e (meaning, “one time, one meeting”/ once in a lifetime chance)
Favorite color: Pu…

Happy Legal Age Yuma-kun!!!

Happy 20th Birthday YUMA.....
13.01.1994 - 13.01.2014

[I made Yuma's Spam Picture in my blog and tumblr with different photos XD]
I really love you yuma-kun, i wish all the best for you. Please don't stop improving yourself, be a better man and idol ^___^

Yabuhika admited being mom and dad in JUMP

From Wink UP Feb 2014
Hikaru: Previously, my mum said when she saw Yabu, “Both of you are like a couple who has been married for ten years.” (laugh)
Yabu: Well, I didn’t even send Hikaru a mail on his birthday (laugh). In the past I would always send one. From this too, it seems like we are husband and wife who are getting used to it as years go by. (laugh)
Hikaru: So if we are husband and wife, character-wise I am like the wife, and Yabu is the husband type.
Yabu: Yes. Because Hikaru is meticulous. Or rather, more sensitive as compared to the past?
Hikaru: Ahhh, probably! I like clean places and am abit of a cleanliness freak as I get colds easily. Once a plastic bottle was left somewhere for a long period of time, and I started to take notice of it (laugh).
Yabu: That part of you still remains. Just now when we mentioned about husband and wife, its also like our position in JUMP.
Hikaru: Yes, I am like the educational mama? (laugh)
Yabu: Yes. You do get mad at …

[J-Drama] Dark System - Battle of Love

Title: Dark System - Battle of Love ( ダークシステム 恋座決定戦) Star airing: January 20th, 2014  Runtime: Monday, 00.28 AM JST  Station: TBS Genre: Comedy Scriptwriter: Yuki Shuji
Cast:  Yaotome Hikaru (HSJ) as Kagami Jiro
Tamashiro Tina as Shiraishi Yuri
Yude Tomohisa as Saionji Go
Inoo Kei (HSJ) as Onda Yoichi
Itao Itsuji as Phantom
Hayashi Ryuzo as Shiraishi Tetsuzan
Synopsis:  Timid, selfish and unpopular Kagami Jiro (Yaotome Hikaru) is about to profess his feelings to Shiraishi Yuri (Tamashiro Tina) whom he loves, but his friend Saionji Go (Yuge Tomohisa) has also taken a fancy to Yuri. The two rivals agree to fight fairly. However, several days later, Saionji starts dating Yuri. Kagami tries to give his blessings, but starts to think of winning Yuri back because of the resentment of having the girl he fancies, taken away from him. And so, he musters his wits in order to drive a wedge between their hearts, and he creates the evil machine, the “Saionji Crusher” with his astounding DIY spirit. I…