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Hey Say 7 Crosstalk: we’ve become adults already

Since we’ve become adults already, the 4 of us should go eat out and drink sake

Yuto: I sent Chinen a mail at his very birthday
Yamada: I DID TOO!
Keito: ME TOO! But somehow, because of errors, I was able to send 5 (laughs)
Chinen: I was able to receive about 2 (laughs)
Yamada: I sent two as well (laughs) Mine was a simple, “Congratulations! Let’s go out to drink, okay?”
Chinen: Yeap, thanks! Yuti’s was a long one! Also, He ended it with a gag!
Yamada and Kei: What what?
Yuto: Don’t say itttt!
Chinen: Yutiiii! Say it!!
Yuto: I’ll be doing it alone? (laughs) I said, “yoi ichinen, iya, yoi chinen ni narimasu you ni!”
Everyone: ahahahaha!
Yamada: But as for us, we seem to have turned into adults, didn’t we? I think so looking at our pictures
Keito: I agree! Looking at the pictures of the 4 of us, everyone’s facial expressions seemed like that of an adult’s!
Yuto: Keito somehow seems like a university student from before
Yamada: the hairstyle, right? (laughs)
Yuto: The feeling of not being boys but men
Chinen: Yeah, even though we had been cute until then… (laughs)
Yamada: Since we’ve become adults already, the 4 of us should go eat out and drink sake (i can't imagine yuri drunk, oh please don't drink! or at least don't drink too much!! >w<)
Yuto: Let’s not be irresponsible, okay (laughs)”

Eng Trans: Natsu Akifuyuharu @fb


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