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Baka Ariyama talks about Chinen Yuri

Daiki: I met Chinen for the first time since he turned 20, though he hasn’t changed at all from being 19. *silly Dai-chan*

Ryosuke: I’m not surprised (laughs). He’s not suddenly grown up.

(c) translation: kaleidruby|tumblr;
       pic: nina29 (edited by me)

Yuri Reaction: Yuri: Yes... I haven't changed! I'm still CUTEEEE.... ne <33

Lirik Beautiful Monday - Zombie

Siapa bilang negeri kita sudah mati
ada yang bilang negeri kita setengah mati
zombie-zombie berpakaian safari
yang cuma bisa basa-basi...

Buat apa merdeka tapi mati
edukasi bak nasi basi
kekasih pergi tak kan kembali
meranah ku disini...

Basa-basi manisnya janji
dimanipulasi dimanipulasi
zombie-zombie berpakaian safari
berpakaian safari....

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 na... na... na... na...

Beautiful monday merupakan band indie asal kota gw (Medan), dan vocalisnya Devirzha saat ini menjadi salah satu TOP 15 finalis Indonesia IDOL 2014.

Inoo Kei: Being Idiot, Flirty and Narcissistic

Scene 1: Kei being idiot Yamada: Inoo-chan is really fun to play with. Once at a shop with an acquaintance, you ordered a bad drink on purpose, you took a strong gulp, “gross! Another cup!” you yelled, with the face of someone who didn’t even take a drink, I couldn’t believe it. Inoo-chan, you’re strange.
Inoo: Ahahaha.
Yamada: In a sense, you’re manly. I think you’re kind. To see such a part of you, I have a face like this as well. What has happened to this person? (laughs).
Inoo: Rather than being manly, I’m an idiot. (laughs).

Scene 2: Kei being flirty Inoo: Yamachan…… your face was beautiful (laughs).
Yamada: Pu~
Inoo: No, really, I noticed when we were filming the PV for our new song, your expression was so beautiful.
Yamada: Ahahaha!
Inoo: I was talking to the staff, and I was asking how I could look that beautiful on camera (laughs).

Scene 3: Kei being  narcissistic Inoo: We can compete for having the 1 and 2 most beautiful faces in JUMP too (laughs)! But I win for height……
Yamada: Shut up …

[SS] Aisureba Motto Happy Life PV - JUMP's dorky faces

Hi minna-san......... Did you already see JUMP new PV? Aino Arika and Aisureba! What do you think? which one do you like? I think both PVs are good, it's seem JUMP PV has getting better concept and costumes.
Aino Arikais more serious PV type, it's showing their maturity as personal and musicality. I really love that they're included the orchestra into PV MeanwhileAisureba have similarity concept with Kamona PV, that PV showing their dorky side that i loveee so much. <3 <3