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Nakayama yuma will release his 2nd single "High Five"


I'm back again minna-san after almost a month hiatus :D

Minna have you seen Johnny's-net recently? There is announcing Yuma's new single "High Five" yatta... i'm so happy for him. Actually after NYC disband i felt he was treated like a stepson, he get little attention, his section was removed from Johnny's-net and also he just got a little appearance in magazines. 

I don't know right know wheather he's in July's team or Iljima's team, just hoping he's in the right hands :)
He's young,  good at singing, also good at dancing and acting, so i don't want they just wasted his talents. 

Track listing

  • Limited Edition 1 – Single (CD+DVD)
  1. "High Five"
  2. "Ai made ga Knife"
  3. "High Five (original karaoke)"
  4. "Ai made ga Knife (original karaoke)"
  1. "High Five PV"
  2. "High Five PV Making"
  • 2 face 4 page Jacket

  • Limited Edition 2 – Single (CD+DVD)
  1. "High Five"
  2. "Ai made ga Knife"
  3. "High Five (original karaoke)"
  4. "Ai made ga Knife (original karaoke)"
  • 2 face 4 page Jacket

  • Regular Edition – Single (CD)
  1. "High Five"
  2. "Ai made ga Knife"
  3. "so Crazy"
  • 3 face 6 page Jacket
  • Freebies
  1. LE A Clear file A (A4 size)
  2. LE B Clear file B (A4 size)
  3. Regular Edition Poster (B2 size)
note1: freebies are only available to certain store and is limited.

note 2: Song "High Five" will be used as theme song for NTV's Sukkiri!! and "Ai made ga Knife" for FUJI TV's drama Tengoku no Koi's ending theme song.

After this single he need to release an album soon, and then Johnny-san will hold a solo concert  for him^o^ *Support Yuma!!!*

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