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[J-Movie] Kinkyori Renai Live Action (update)

Yamashita Tomohisa will be starring in a film on October 11, 2014. The story will be a live adaptation of a popular shoujo manga by Mikimoto Rin, Kinkyori Renai (Close Range Love) which sold a total of 180 million copies. It will be about the love story of a prodigy schoolgirl with a cool reserve and a tsundere, handsome teacher. 

Yamapi will be playing the role of a teacher for the first time. He'll be playing the role of Haruka Sakurai who is a ladies man and is very popular with the girl students for his beautiful appearance. He is very confident and has a high pride and has never been in love with people's glance. The role of Uni Kururugi will be played by Nana Komatsu. Uni often wears a neko hair clip. 

The cast will also include Mizukawa Asami, Yamamoto Mizuki, Hirofumi Arai, and Kotaki Nozomu (Johnny's WEST). Kotaki's role will be Matoba, a yankee classmate of Uni. 

Streaming/download link: kissasian (english sub), lk21 (indonesia sub)

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  1. give me link for download pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!

    1. the dvd is not out yet, so you have to be patient a bit longer

  2. Where can I watch online?

  3. Replies
    1. Yup ini critanya sakurai-nya udh jadi sensei

  4. Where can I watch online?
    pleaseeeeeeeee!! tell meee!


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