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Happy Birthday My lil Bro

Happy 20th my lil Boy...!!!
Actually from today onwards you're not a boy anymore, but you're already become a man.*yey*
Demo saa.... i still thinking you as a boy, a cute one XD maybe you'll hate your this nee-chan (me) becouse of this, but i don't care XP

I'm hoping for you to have great birthday today. I'm sure you will celebrating this day with your family and your buddy (wonder what kind of party you did), just please don't drunk too much ne XD!! And hope you got a lot of gifts tooXD *let's cherish your birtday*

Me: Nee Yuri-kun...who's the first member JUMP who greeted you?
Yuri: *busy with his phone and ignored me*
Me: Yurii!! *pokes his cheeks*
Yuri: *take down his phone* doushita nee-chan? you're too noisy, i'm replying messages, i received a lot of birthday greetings from my buddy.
Me: but who's the first one who greeted you? is JUMP member? 
Yuri: Un... it's always him
Me: i's Ryosuke?
Yuri: Un *wide smile*
Me: Did he greet you at exactly 00:00?
Yuri: Yeah seems like that *smile*
Me: Did he say something like "Happy Birthday My Yuri, since you already pass 20, let's get merried!!"...*teasing yuri*
Yuri: *blusing* Baka nee-chan *trow me a pillow* he didn't say like that!
Me: So what actually he said?
Yuri: XP
Me: Mou....*sulking at the corner*



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