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Lyric NewS - Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de [with english translation]

Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de [Just having you by my side]

Ameagari no michi wo asahi ga terasu
Me wo hosomeru kodomotachi

The sunlight shines on the street after the rain
The children squint their eyes

Sonna koto mo itoshii to omou
Anata ni deatte kara

Because I met you,
That sight should also be something special to me

Ima naraba ieru yo
Boku wa shiawase dato
Anata ga anata ga
Tonari ni iru dake de

I can say "I'm happy" now,
Just having you, you by my side

Wasurekaketeta koto kizuitanda
Tottemo taisetsu na koto

I've forgotten something
That is a very important to me

Futari issho ni waraeru dake de
Tashikana kiseki da ne

Just us smiling together
Is a definite miracle

Ima koko ni chikau yo
Bokunari no kotoba de
Anata wo anata wo
Zutto mamotte yuku

I can vow right here, words that are true to myself
I will always protect you

Hitori de wa kujike sou na
Me no mae no kewashii kabe ga attemo
Futari nara norikoerareru
Sono te wo nobasou wo ima

Alone, you feel like you'll be crushed
When an unbreakable wall is right in front of you
But we can overcome it
By stretching out your hand to mine

Ano koro wa jouzu ni

There was no way I could have told you back then

Ima naraba ieru yo
Boku wa shiawase dato
Anata ga anata ga
tonari ni iru dake de
(Mamotte yuku yo)
Tonari ni iru dake de
Sore dake de

 I can say "I'm happy" now,
Just having you, you by my side
(I will protect you)
Just by my side
That is all I need

This song really awesome, NewS DAISUKI desu........♥♥♥


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